West Coast Cure Live Resin Gelato


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West Coast Cure Live Resin Gelato

There are is so many flavors on the west coast cure live resin but the gelato is one of the best flavors you will ever test in your life. West coast cure gelato live resin is one of the high-quality products in present time.

This west coast cure gelato has a total of 70% THC and it has a little bit of CBD about 1.34 milligrams on it.  The west coast cure gelato is made of fresh frozen cannabis plants. It looks amazing, gives a shiny brown color look. Smells nice. Comes in good packaging for the safety of the product. It will be a little gassy, have a fine flavor like fruity.

The processing of making the west coast cure gelato is different from other products. On this point, it becomes more different to test the compression of other west coast cure the live resin. Makes smoke that can help you to feel more relax and beings mental peace and fresh energy, makes less of your anxieties.

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