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UKU carts Gelato

Gelato is a marijuana hybrid stain which is made by sherbet sunset crossing and thin mint cookies. The effect of our product named UKU carts Gelato produces high euphoric strong feelings to relax.

Customers say that the physical sense of our body goes to the highest position after using UKU carts. To stay creative and productive all day you must have a try our product.

It smells like an aroma and a fruity flavor which is best to attract your relaxation. Many of our customers may want to approach the THC with caution but the high THC tolerance can delight the heavy effect of the strain.

Our best growers say that the product blooms in the dark hours look purple and it has some hairs that look fairy orange which looks amazing like our product. For the best relaxing feelings, you must have to try our product before others.

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