Heavy Hitters Gelato


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Heavy Hitters Gelato

Heavy Hitters Gelato is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes for the full of taste.  Each batch is made using the highest quality of weeds, and it’s sourced from our best farmers. The flower is also fresh. It is extracted at a high critical temperature zone. The process and resulting in high terpene and taste is solid. It comes with a creamy fruit finish and its smell is the Pure fresh smell you will ever discover. Heavy Hitters is now ultra-pure potent fresh. Heavy Hitters is featuring a high that will keep you awake and focused when you will use it. Heavy Hitters comes with 100% terpenes and cannabis native contains up to 94.99% THC original product. Heavy Hitters is covered with fiery orange hair and while its buds can be dark green to light purple. Profile retention resulting in high terpene and taste that you will never love from Heavy Hitters.

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