G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato


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G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato

Introducing to you our new product called G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato. The G Pen Gio is the invention of advanced technology cannabis vaporization. Its advanced product is also involved with the well-known cannabis brand name from rapper Berner and entrepreneur.
By inspired by the terpene profile of iconic cookie strains, cookies CBD is also made by hemp-derived CBD on G PEN GIO. G pen Gio is hybrid gelato. It has 335.7 mg or 67.1% THC and 18.5 mg or 3.7% CBD on it. The g pen Gio x Cookies gelato total net weight is 500 mg / .018 OZ. The flower hs been used on this product is also appreciating. This product has good packaging. The amazing advanced G PEN GIO, one G PEN DIO battery, and the one micro USB charging cable. Following the advanced technology, it only takes 60 minutes to fully charge. The battery is powerful and strong, it’s a 180 mAh battery.
Place your order and get this advanced technology vape cart.
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