Dabble Extracts Gelato Shatter 1g


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Dabble Extracts Gelato Shatter

The Dabble Extracts Gelato Shatter is a popular hybrid strain. It has a strong aroma and lemon flavor at the same time. This Dabble Extracts is mostly known for producing exceptional quality. It is the most demanding Gelato Shatter. The light golden-brown shiny color is truly eye-catchy and the quality of the products makes the gelato shatter most customer’s first choice. It’s got kind of like sweet more richness in addition to that sort of cookies. Did not makes things too much gassy at all. After heated,  The Gelato smells great, its testes wonderful during the exhale. This creates an absolute powerhouse of the strain.

If you just want to sit down and chill then the Gelato Shatter is a perfect choice. The gelato shatter is also used by medical patients to feel relaxed, creative, and uplifted. They also can be consuming this dabble extracts gelato comfortably regular basis.

THC Gelato pre-roll


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